As a teacher for 20 years I know just how much parental influence can affect a child’s ability to learn as well as their social skills. As a Mum for many years, I understand that parents often feel schools see more of their children than they do! Teachers, like you, know so well that bringing schools and parents together is vital to improve children’s academic and social success.

I can offer parents workshops with topics that will interest them and which can take place within the familiar environment of the school. These workshops help children grow in confidence and resilience by teaching parents about Growth Mindset, as well as showing parents how to get their children to listen to them; how to connect with their children so that they feel calm and able to try new things and persevere when things don’t work out. And when parents do this in a calm way it removes the pressure from children.

Any parent can attend these workshops, including parents of children with special needs. I also offer workshops for school staff.

Workshops are 90 minutes long and the group size can be between 20 and 100. If there is a topic you would like a workshop on that is not listed below please do contact me.

Workshops for parents:

  1. Bringing out the best in your children (P1)
  2. Positive Discipline, when things go wrong (P2)
  3. How to listen so kids will talk (P3)
  4. How to talk so children will listen (P4)
  5. Staying calm and being positive (P5)
  6. Fostering sibling harmony (P6)
  7. Raising confident children (P7)
  8. Helping children cope with life’s setbacks (P8)
  9. Developing happy, creative and motivated learners (P9)
  10. Homework, increasing motivation and decreasing stress (P10)

Workshops for school teachers:

I know from personal experience how demanding the job of being a teacher is. Balancing the academic success and stimulation of pupils with their social growth and emotional well being in order to get the best out of each child for their learning is no mean feat. I also know that teachers are a hugely warm, caring, empathetic bunch of people who really do want to see their pupils succeed and be happy but that often discipline and behaviour management is challenge. I can offer teachers courses to help them bring out the best in the children in their care while at the same time ensuring that discipline is positive and effective.

Positive Parenting classes run in your school

If you are a school within the BR3 Beckenham and borders area I can run my 5 or 10 week positive parenting programme in your school for your parents. This is a real catch as many private schools, including for example, Dulwich Prep, run their own in house positive parenting programme as they know how valuable it is to have parents bringing children to school in a calm way, supporting their learning at home in a positive and non pressurised environment and managing their emotions and behaviour in a way that builds connection and communication.

Please do contact me to register your interest and for more details and prices.