Assured Parenting

Bringing out the best in your children


All children, including my own, present challenges to their parents and yet we think we should just know how to calmly cope. I have 2 very different children, one being more introverted and anxious and the other more strong headed and independent. With my eldest I often found myself lost and unsure about how to react to him and to support him in the best way. Now, I find I use all the skills learnt on my positive parenting training course all the time with both my children. That doesn’t mean they don’t drive me crazy sometimes, or that life doesn’t overwhelm me with all the madness that goes along with being a family. It does! I just also know that when I get it wrong, I have the tools in the bag to fix it, and that these days, most of the time, I get it more right. I love knowing that I am building really strong connections with my kids that will help us when things get tough as they got older and face harder challenges.

We all face our own unique challenges with our children, no matter how old they are. And we all have stress points in our day when things get bad. Yours may be

  • Getting out of the house in the morning
  • Bedtime (my personal stress point!)
  • Bath times
  • Meal times
  • Homework
  • Shopping trips
  • Car journeys
  • Transitions between home, school, nursery, day care, playdates etc
  • Social situations
  • Use of technology
  • And there are many many more


Assured Parenting

Working with me and a small group of parents at Assured Parenting you will learn positive parenting skills that will help you calmly manage these and many more situations that our children present us with. My classes are run from the comfort of a family home in Beckenham, with only 5 people in each class. This is enough to have a good discussion, share ideas and have a laugh but small enough for you to ask questions and get the help you would like. You will learn to be someone with the tools to tackle each new challenge that your children present, whether they are toddlers, school kids, prenagers, or teenagers. Our courses will help you find your way through the parenting maze with a little more dignity and lots more fun than you expected.

It is absolutely not an admission of failure to do a parenting course, instead it is a sign that you want to do the best for you and your children. Please click here to see my current special offers.