Bespoke Positive Parenting Coaching

What is Bespoke Parent Coaching?

Bespoke Parent Coaching is a great way for you to talk to me, Sam, in a one-to-one environment rather than joining a course with other parents.  Coaching sessions can be booked by parents who want either one quick bit of help with specific ‘hot spot’ areas, or parents who would like sustained help over 12 weeks to have calmer family lives. You can therefore book one session or a package of 6 sessions.

Why book a bespoke session?

A coaching session with me will allow you to address a particular challenge you are facing and get my direct help and assistance. I will support you in a sensitive, positive and non-judgemental way.

Time, venue and cost:

How to book:

Please book a consultation by clicking the link below and I will contact you to arrange a time and date . You are more than welcome to email me to discuss dates before booking. 

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Bespoke Parent Coaching Package

Why book a package?

To really make a difference to keeping family life calmer and kinder, I advise you take a package of sessions. This will allow us to explore many of the core positive parenting skills and I will be able to work with you in depth and give you practical strategies to deal with your children’s behaviour and well-being. This means you will see more improvements in family life.

You will get my individual support to focus on your family’s unique situation and improve it.

Times, venue and cost:

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Cancellation policy

More than 48 hours notice is required to avoid a cancellation charge of up to 100% at my discretion. I am always happy to try and reschedule sessions.